BlackBerry Tales of Woe

Got myself a BlackBerry Bold 9900 the other day with the express intent to start programming on the device – given the avenues available I thought using WebRoot/HTML5 was the en vogue technology to use so I downloaded and installed the tool and got to work on the infamous Hello World tutorial.

So far, so good. This is a path well travelled – did this moons ago in C, C++, Delphi etc

Got the test running on the Ripple simulator and even found the simulator for my phone – fantastic. I even managed to get to sleep before 2:30am – result!

Getting the code onto my real phone is proving trickier though. Getting the signing keys is the easy bit. Installing the was painful until I tried installing them one at a time – then success… Time taken: 2 hours

Next up packaging and signing – I haven’t got this working yet – when I try this from ripple the Java VM doing the grunt work crashes after a random number of signings. Not good – still with Windows 8 – task manager is my friend and always close to hand…

After trying this half a dozen times my BB tells me I have mail – seems signing your package causes an email to be sent – handy I guess this is great for security but with three keys used per signing attempt I had over 70 emails to delete…

BlackBerry Tip #1
To delete lots of emails from the same sender:
1. Select one message then press the BlackBerry button.
2. Select the menu option Search then Sender.
3. Screen will show all the matches.
4. Highlight the first entry then while holding shift, scroll down the list until you reach the end of the search results.
5. Press del key and confirm.

I think I’ll be writing a command-line script to do the signing before too long and adding a PowerShell command so the process can be driven from MSBuild… If I’m really lucky though someone else has already done all this malarky!