C# BlackBerry Push Service SDK – Part III

I’ll dive straight into today’s changes. The subscription service repository is fully coded – a lot of functions but easy enough.

The subscription service itself is 70% completed with all the validation and query methods done.

Thankfully the Task Parallel Library and the new async/await keywords has meant that implementing the multi-path parallelised synchronisation code was a breeze.

Work is underway to implement the subscription code which is more complicated than it first appears – no surprise really as it must cope with users swapping device and other weird and wonderful use-case scenarios.

I had to re-code the SubscriptionQueryResponse class so as to flatten the XML returned from the server. Makes life simpler.

It was fun tracking down the endpoint addresses used by the subscription service – at one point I thought I might have to install the Java API along with Apache and watch network connections via Fiddler…