Tell me why I just love Mondays

It’s been all go today – at HQ I’ve been preparing the software and the two nettop computers for the start of the next rollout test – it’s difficult to believe the software has the audacity to call itself v3.0 when it has never been good enough for release but v1.0 or one point uh oh has a certain stigma…

Now the software is installed, computers chomping at the bit and tomorrow all hell will be let loose!

Alas no rest for the wicked – dived out of the office and into my last saxophone lesson before the Songkran break! My tutor is a girl of many talents she was playing piano instead of sax today (also plays the guitar) which made an interesting change!

Seems that I play much, much better when I’m relaxed… Not too surprising really – everything is easier when relaxed – from unicycling to typing to meditation – relaxation is the key to it all. I suspect that being relaxed will also lead to a longer life although this will be a tricky theory to prove!

Oh apparently it’s a national holiday today – could have fooled me!