I started life in I.T. as someone interested in how computers worked – I wrote programs before I got my first computer which kinda defines my mindset…

I conquered BASIC then learnt Z80 assembler language, moved into C, then C++. Along the way I have also dabbled in Cobol, Pascal, Delphi and PHP.

These days I’m a .NET evangalist and I program in C# and F#. I write embedded (.NET MF), mobile (Windows Phone and Java ME), client/server, and Silverlight applications and know more than a thing or two about Windows systems – both servers and clients.

I am a keen photographer, saxophonist and unicyclist although not at the same time – yet…


3 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi,
      did you resolve the problem How to install Custom Report Item Rendering Extension in Report Builder 3? I cannot get working Barcode in Report Builder. VS works great.

  1. Alas not – Report Builder 3 looks great but I can’t get it working either!

    I thought the CRI needed to be converted into a Report Part but I haven’t had any success there either and sadly the Microsoft forums haven’t helped either.

    Perhaps it just isn’t possible 😦

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