C# BlackBerry Push SDK – Code Seperation

Code Organisation
In keeping with the modular nature of the original SDK, I have broken apart the source-code into separate assemblies.

Contains common classes.

Contains low-level PAP core and configuration classes.

Contains high-level push core, subscription, application management, request tracking and statistics.

Contains all acknowledgement handling extensions.

Build Infrastructure
The code base has been updated so that SDK assemblies now share common version information via a custom (TFS Build friendly) target file – there be some cool tech in there that you may find useful in you own projects and solutions.

I have also started work on the deployment technology, enabling easy installation of the SDK for developers.

The installer project makes use of WiX and is dependent on WiX 3.6 Release Candidate (available at Windows Installer for XML

At the time of writing the project is bound to the latest build (v3.6.3025.0). In due course a merge-module project will be added to support your own deployment scenarios.

Finally I will be looking into a clean method for adding code-signing into the project files without having to go through the pain of actually having the signing file in source control (I’ll get endless requests for the signing password) – I suspect this will be best achieved with a tweak to my custom build target.

I’ll try and put together a new build and release to CodePlex over the coming week – real busy though so please be patient!