Why is it only Tuesday?

This is clearly going to be a VTW or a Very Trying Week – it’s only Tuesday, I’ve not even made it into the office yet and that feeling of impending doom is already ebbing at my feet like the incoming tide.

So what has caused this feeling of unease? Well I have a network upgrade to do at a customer site on Monday – which yesterday changed to this Friday due to Songkran festivities – not so bad – well the uograde involves removing an apparently redundant router and replacing an ancient switch with a nice managed one.

The router is a potential banana skin but otherwise okay – the switch is being sourced from a company in Thailand and this is where things can go awry.

Their website says the switch is in stock. I got a quotation from them with a real price and everything. Now they say the item is out of stock – three days before we need it. Okay don’t panic – find the main distributors for Cisco stuff in Thailand – a 60sec search – paste the link into an email to my client and before I can click send he calls me up to say that the supplier has the switch after all. This might end well but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t…

In other news my ERP program is about to start testing in the factory – I should run a sweepstake on the number of bugs that will be discovered in the first month of testing.

Hey ho I’ll probably look back at this week and laugh – well possibly